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What Victoria’s Secret Angels Eat For Consistently Clear Skin



What Victoria’s Secret Angels Eat For Consistently Clear Skin

While being a model is super glamorous, it’s also a ton of pressure. In addition to keeping a toned body, these gorgeous women have to keep their skin clear. Early morning call times, lots of flights, and the on-the-go lifestyle can easily make skin sallow, dry, or pimply.

We asked the goddesses, aka the Victoria’s Secret Angels, backstage at the 2016 show their secrets to eating for clear skin. Since we know beautiful skin starts in the gut, what you ingest is just as important as the topical creams and serums you use. To learn more from Gigi, Bella, and the gang, read on!

Bella Hadid

“I’m really bad at avoiding foods. I don’t deprive myself of anything. If I crave it, I will have it. I love eating sautéed spinach, grilled chicken, and sautéed veggies. That’s always how I love to stay healthy.” — Bella Hadid.

Jasmine Tookes

“The most important thing is just to hydrate and drink water. I notice my skin looks best when I’m really like drinking a lot of water . . . I love steamed vegetables, especially broccoli. Broccoli is awesome. It tastes so amazing, you can put a little bit of garlic powder on it and season it up a bit.” — Jasmine Tookes

Ming Xi

“I don’t think you can eat too much spicy or too greasy all the time. So like you really need to eat clean and maybe one or two days in a week you can just eat vegetables, as a vegetarian.” — Ming Xi

Joan Smalls

“Is there such a thing? I would say mostly drink for clear skin. Drink a lot of water with lemon, like fresh squeezed lemon. For eating I don’t diet.” — Joan Smalls

Rachel Hilbert

“Keeping it super clean is definitely necessary. I eat a lot of spinach, a lot of greens. I mean, there are just so many different things I go into. I just try to drink a lot, a lot, a lot of water. Water is like the number one thing because it really cleans your system. And everything kind of comes from your gut, so everything that you put into your system shows on your face and on your skin. Water is the main thing to just clear it out.” — Rachel Hilbert

Sara Sampaio

“So I notice dairy was making my skin really bad, so I quit dairy and that really helped. Also sugar. I know when I go and indulge in a little candy, I know in two days I’m going to be having a pimple coming out. So it’s definitely dairy and sugar that you need to avoid for clear skin. And drink lots of water. That’s the three basic things.” — Sara Sampaio

Elsa Hosk

“I avoid fried food for clear skin. I just think my skin always looks better when I don’t. Obviously french fries are one of my favorite things, so it’s not like I don’t eat them, but if I know I want my skin to be clear, I kind of stay clear of it.” — Elsa Hosk