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Name: Ngo Anh Son
Age: 40
Occupation: Businessman

Hi Mr. Son, thank you for your invitation with NShape. After a short time, we’re so glad that you’ve changed significantly. Could you share with us about the success?

It’d been a really good experience. I started practicing at NShape since March 2015, but because I was really busy and took lots of business travel so I didn’t have time to exercise or spent so little time for it. Luckily, finally I can arrange and manage my work in order to prioritize training/exercising.

So could you share with us your result?

I’ve lost 5kg (from 72kg to 67kg), muscle increases from 26 to 33, fat loses not too much. An acceptable result for a  busy white-colar, right? (smile)


What is your goal when you start training?

I want to be in-shaped and healthy. I always spend 2 hours/day to exercising even though I’m so busy. You know, everyone is busy, but you cannot take it as an excuse to not exercising.

Do you see any significant change? 
Of course! It’s not only the change of appearance. I rarely participated in exercising before, just because of being extremely busy. Now I feel really good, being fresh and comfortable. Visting to the gym becomes my daily routine, also I want to join Yoga, as many members at NShape have good feedback about it so I’m really excited!

Could you share with us about the exercising and nutrition program?

I train with my personal trainer (PT) and the program will be divided into periods, so I can manage it carefully. After 2 months, I ask my PT to change the program, there’re 3 periods/day: 1 hour for building muscles, 15 minutes for abs and 30 minutes practicing with treadmill. Building muscles is the first program, losing fat is the second program and I’m still losing fat.

My training schedule:

– Monday: Legs

– Tuesday: Arms

– Wednesday: Back

From Thursday to Saturday the routine is back. About chest and abs, I train everyday but not too hard so that I will have time to rest and recover.

Nutrition is extremely important, exercising only is not enough. For breakfast and lunch, I eat food with high protein; no carbs for dinner, only protein and vitamin. About an hour before training, I eat soup or drink milk to add more energy.

Did you have any difficulties when you first trained with your PT?
Difficulties? No, I’m not scared of it (laugh). The most difficult thing for me is time. When I can manage the time, I think everything is possible. I visit the club in the evening and only focus on training at this time.

Do you have any advices for those young people who are exercising that hard to change their bodies?

Don’t just say it, do it. When you have time, you’d better exercising to strengthen your health. Everybody has their difficulties, but I believe that there’s also a solution, the most difficulty is to change the way we look at issue.