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Name: Nguyen Minh Anh
Age: 19

After 8 months, Minh Anh has a remarkable makeover: From an inactive and lazy girl, she lost 9kg, from 63kg to 54kg she gets fit and more active. Let’s “discover” her tips to lose weight!


When did you start training at NShape Fitness?
I started training at NShape since June 2015, after completing the entrance exam. My friend is also a member of NShape Mandarin, so she introduced me to register.

Have you ever practiced or played sports before?
A year ago, I’d been really weak, also lazy to practice so it’s really hard to join activites at school (smile). When I first started at NShape, I only wanted to be healthier, but I had no ideas about gym so it’s hard to practice. About half of month later, my parent registered Personal Trainer (PT) for me so that I’d be able to carefully trained.

Could you share with us about your training and nutrition schedule?

Because I’d never been practiced before so I was really weak. I’d been really tired and annoyed when training with PT, because I could not do anything. Later, everything became much more easy and comfortable when my body got familier with the intensity.

About the training schedule, my PT focuses on the basic exercises in terms of push up, squat, body weight training; focuses on main muscles including back and leg. He also told me that I don’t have to hardly exercise to lose weight immediately, but better concentrates on daily exercises and of course, my decision.

About the nutrition schedule, I don’t have to strictly follow any kind of diet because I’m in puberty. I always talk with my PT about the nutrition, what to eat today, time to eat and how much it is. If some day I “cross the line”, eat more than normal, I will be “punished” by running 1km more (smile). Practicing is really hard so I don’t want to dissipate.

You just said that you’re “punished”, so could you share about your PT?
“Punishing” is somehow strict isn’t it right (smile)? But I feel really comfortable because it’s a way of taking care carefully. He wants me to improve, so that he has to be strict. After such a time training at NShape Fitness, I see my PT as my brother and we can share lots of things about exercising.
So do you feel comfortable with your body now? Will you set any new goals?
Now I feel really good about myself, but I will not stop. I have to exercise more to get lean and be sexy (smile)!

Thank you for having your time with NShape! Good luck on your journey.

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