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Let’s start NShape Fitness Eco campaign

NShape Eco


Let’s start NShape Fitness Eco campaign

Do you know???

From January 2013 to June 2014, NShape Members have consumed:

  • About 130,000 paper cups
  • More than 2000 litres of chemical
  • and hundred thousands cubes of water only for washing towels

It’s time to save our planet and make our life better

Let’s join NShape Fitness Eco Club to green up your life now!!!

Each member joining NShape Eco Club might receive an Eco Card and earns points by participating NShape Green activities. “Green points” may be used to exchange for NShape gifts and “green” stuffs at Green Market which will be held regularly.

How to be green and earn points ??

  • Being Green by saying “no” to paper cups: NShape Fitness will completely replace the comsumption of paper cups by individual water bottles. Each member will get a comlimentary sport water bottle from NShape Fitness.
  • Do you really need the full set of 02 towels? Please take the second thought. Earning points by giving back towels: 03 points for big towel and 01 point for small towel.
  • Travelling by bicycle is an ideal way of real working out and “being green” simultaneously. If you travel by bike to NShape club, please inform us and you might earn 01 point (once per day, applied only at NShape & Spa Ham Long and NShape Fitness Nguyen Chi Thanh).
  • Join our monthly Green Market to get gifts and “green” stuffs

Eco Gifts from now to the end of 30/04/2015:

  • 50 points:  01 Sport Socks
  • 200 points: 01 Lock & Lock water bottle
  • 300 points: 01 NShape Sport Bag

Register for NShape Fitness Eco!

Please contact Receptionist or Hotline 0912.348.555 for more details

Green up your life – Green Living healthy.

NShape Fitness