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Member Le Thu Hiền “Change your limits to challenge and breakthrough yourself everyday



Member Le Thu Hiền “Change your limits to challenge and breakthrough yourself everyday


Profile: Le Thu Hien – 50 years old, office work

Personal Trainer: Vu Minh Ngoc (Rain)

Achievement: In 1,5 month: Lose 3 Kg.

Increase 2 Kg of muscles and lose 2 Kg of fat.


Hello Ms.Hien, each person when come to the gym they usually has some motivation. So what is the reason that makes you decided to come to the gym?

I do yoga for quite a long time, about 3 to 4 years ago. The reason why I decided to do gym is because I have to sit and concentrate a lot for my office job. I wanted to find something that makes me move. I found out Gym is very suitable for me cause when I workout, I need to stay focus all my mind and energy. I no longer think of anything else then after that I feel completely relaxing. I called this a “move meditation” and it was fun. Since I workout at the gym, I don’t feel the pain in my back anymore when sitting in the office.

What is the reason you choose NShape over other fitness center?

I started training at NShape since the end of August, 2016. Before, I already workout at another fitness center near my office. NShape is near my house then. The reason why I decide to stick with NShape because to me, the most important factor in service industry is not only the requirement of facilities but also about the human. I am really satisfied with the attitude of the staff and especially my personal trainer at NShape.


At which point of your personal trainer that you satisfied the most?

First of all, he can explain clearly and was able to do – model movements – very well. Secondly, he knows how to motivate his customer. He usually goes toward a hard and intense training program for his customer. At first, I only think that workout just to relax my mind, I don’t have a purpose to change my body like this or I have to achieve this or that. After training with him, I being changed my thought. I overcome my limits that I never think of before.

Could you share a little bit more about your nutrition program?

I actually don’t have any changed about my nutrition program before and after workout. I eat quite enough and even a lot. Because in order to do a good job, I need more energy. I only notice to eat lowcarb, more vegetables and use olive oil. I think that all of my accomplishments today are due to changing training program.

So what kind of training program has made your achievement today?

Before I only do Gym but after that I being recommend to do Kickboxing from a woman has a same age as me. Her body is so toned and fit so I also wanted to try. After training for one day with my personal trainer, I very like it so I decided to change my training program. Each day I only do from 3 – 4 set of basic Gym training the PT design for me to increase physical strength. Then I do Kick Boxing at the end I do some relax movement. This training program is more effective than only do Gym or only do Kick Boxing. Gym has certain benefit and Kick Boxing also help release the energy and training the flexibility.


Would you like to send a message to other members about physical exercise?

Let exercise and do not limit yourself to find a new training program. You will see how far you can go when you breakthrough it.

Thank you, wish you will be healthy and conquer new challenges!