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After a month of serious training and compliance with proper nutrition, members Chu Duc Trung (NShape Nguyen Chi Thanh) have made a surprised change not only about physical, but also the ability to concentrate and learning outcomes. Please join us in a conversation with this little man!



Chu Duc Trung – 18 years old, Student at RMIT Viet Nam

Coach: Nguyen Hoang Sy (Sy)

Achievement in November: lose weight from 78kg to 71kg

Hi Trung, Why you decide to choose NShape Nguyen Chi Thanh as your training place?

I used to play many sports just only for fun, not really a serious workout. But then to concentrate on university entrance examination, I have stopped for a long time. I also have to sit in front of the computer very often which makes me feel my body is so heavy. That’s why I decided to go the gym to have a toned body, leaner and reduce stagnation.

At first, I came to visit NShape Nguyen Chi Thanh because the location is convenient, near my house and my school. But when I look for consulting, my PT – Mr. Sy was very enthusiastic to answer my questions and give me a suitable advise how I can exercise to change and improve my body. I trust my coach and that the reason I choose NShape.


Do you have a goal or any specific model to look forward to?

I want to have Cristiano Ronaldo’s body (Smile). I’m trying everyday to reach that goal.

After a period of training, How do you see your body change?

First I feel my body has considerably leaner. Easy to see here is the jean I’m wearing. When I just start training it’s really tight, but now it slightly wider now (Smile). My friends and family very surprised when they see me after a long time because I look so “different”

Especially I can feel my health is greatly improved. First time I do training, in a physical test, I have to do push up combined with cross-leg I only did 20-30 rep then I already feel hardly to breath but now I can do 40-50 rep which haven’t seem so “difficult” at all (Smile).

I also can help my parents in many tasks then before, I can help my mom clean the house, carry heavy boxes and still feel comfortable. Because I do lift weight (Laugh out loud)

Other than that, losing weight helping me a lot for my study, I can focus better. Before only 2-3 hours sit and learning I already feel so tired but now I can concentrate continuously for 4-5 hours without any problems.


Can you share a little about your training and nutrition programs that your personal trainer created for you in order to achieve that improvement!

About training program: I was determined that when I start training I have to be very persistence for a long period of time so when I start lose weight, I have to workout every day, mainly is doing cardio,  in cases of force majeure as I have to go to school same schedule as training then I have to cancel. Recently, I start training to gain muscle so I reduce doing cardio, only 3 times a week.

About nutrition program: I have to cut carbs and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruits


In the near future, what is your fitness goal?

I will continue to lose more weight and weight lift to gain muscle. My fitness goal is to have 6-pack abs (Smile)


Thank you and we hope that you will soon achieve all your goals.

Thank you; thank NShape, especially my personal trainer – Mr. Sy for his enthusiasm and dedication in helping me to have a nice body and better health.

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