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Dynamic and fashion style, great charisma with rosy white skin and bright smile, nobody thought that Ms. Ha – Mandarin member has over 30 years old and is the mother of a lovely kids. Please join NShape to discover Ms.Hà secret to preserve her youth and beauty.


Member: Nguyen Thi Ha (Personal Trainer: Dustin)

Q: Hi Ms.Hà, How long have you been in NShape?

A: Hi, I trained at NShape since the first days of establishment (late 2014) until now.


Q: What made you impressed in making decisions to be long-term commitment at NShape

A: At first, I choose NShape because the location very convenient for me. I have an apartment in Mandarin. Then the more I training the more I feel a bond. The environment in NShape Fitness very friendly and profestional since the greeting, consulting and take a really good care to customer


Personal Trainers also very enthusiastic, extensive experience, they provide many different and exciting training programs to member so that we can never be lazy or get bored (Smile).


Q: You are being voted as “Star of the month” in November in Mandarin. Could you share a little bit about your training and nutrition program?

A: Since the beginning, I really serious about my training and follow every nutrition program that my Personal Trainer required. I workout twice a day, morning and afternoon. In the morning I training 1,5 to 2 hours, focus on losing body fat. In the afternoon I workout extra 1 hour, with a special program to build more muscle, in shape. The training program being frequently changes regularly to increase efficiency and do get bored. Example: this morning I workout for leg and thigh then I will workout for my back tomorrow afternoon.

Regarding nutrition, I don’t diet but I eating healthy: Example: This morning when I workout for leg and thigh my breakfast include 2 omelets + 1 slice of bread + a cup of milk (no sugar); my lunch is 200gr of chicken breast (in salad); snack (afternoon) is a cup of orange juice + some snacks before workout at 6 pm. Dinner I only eat vegetable and fruits, absolutely no carbs.



Q: You seem to trust your Personal Trainer completely right?

A: Yes, Dustin very enthusiastic, professional at his work and the program he plan for me was effective. He helps me to create a specific nutrition program for each meal as well as training program. For example: when I workout for leg and thighs, what I should eat, with arms and shoulder what I should eat… He even consult me how to drink: what I should avoid, need to limits it or if I have to eat how much should I take in while I’m on my business trip or with customer it will not affect my result. Nutrition very flexible and varieties make me so comfortable and enjoyable.

With a particular job in tourism industry, I used to go on business trips 5 – 10 days. During these time, Dustin also have to plan a special program for me so I could workout and maintain my muscle never “rest”: 30 – 45 mins/ day when I don’t have much  time and 1 hour a day if I’m free.

Q: You look younger than your ages, what is your secret?

A: Thank you (Smile). I don’t have ny special secret at all, I just try to keep positive attitude  and mind; doing exercise regularly. I believe women only beautiful when they are strong and confident.


Thank you for your sharing. Wishing you good health, beautiful and be bright.