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Profile: Phung Thien Minh – 16 years old, Viet Duc High school.

Personal Trainer: Lazar (Do Duy Dong)



Hi Minh, when did you come to Nshape?

I started training at NShape in the summer of June last year. I came here because of my mother recommendation. Nshape has a very good service and facilities.

What is the reason that you decided to workout? Does your mother forcing you? *smile*

No no, I completely  want to change myself. *smile*. My important goal is to change my body. Before I was very slim and my body is imbalance. I even feel bad when I look at my old pictures. It such a long journey to find myself today.


I am pretty sure that you did such a work hard and full of determination right?

Yes, I have worked hard but not only my determination. I will never change without the help and guidance of my personal trainer – Mr.Dong. Every day, he encouraged me to come to the gym and follow my training process very carefully and meticulously. Besides, other PT’s in the gym are also very friendly and ready to help whenever I ask.

Could you share a little about your training program and nutrition program?

Sure! I exercises 5-6 times a week. I do back, chest, shoulders, legs training base on Mr.Dong program with highest efficiency and save time. My goal is to build more muscles so I eat a lot of protein and carbs. I always try to eat as much as I can.

So you have to eat a lot and training every day, have you ever feeling bored?

Honestly, the first time I follow these habits make me feel bored. Later, I create a new habit, I watch a video which motivate me before coming to the gym, especially on a rainy day and I know that I have to try harder in order to have the body and strength as they are. In addition to this, along with fun workout help me reduce stress after school.

At which point about NShape Fitness that you satisfied the most?

The best thing about NShape is the friendliness of staffs, the enthusiasm of personal trainer which help me a lot in achieving my goal. Especially Mr.Dong, he always motivate and help me to training and counseling appropriate nutrition.


Since you workout at NShape Fitness, is there any other things happened in your life rather than appearance change?

After a training period, I feel more confident, my body is more active and stronger. Physical education no longer be my nightmare, I can use 100% of my power to play basketball with friends. Since I workout, I don’t  had asthma again, especially in the cold season. And the most important thing is… after summer everybody said that I am bigger and more handsome than before.

Thank you, Minh. We wish you all the best and every success in the future.